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3/31/20 , 2:00pm

On behalf of Shelby County Youth Soccer (SCYS) board, which encompasses both WOU select/premier
and Rec programs as well as the host for the Mayfest Tournament, I would like to keep everyone
involved with our organization apprised of the developments that have been occurring with COVID 19
which greatly affects us all in many areas of our daily lives, with soccer being no exception.

Today we have been notified by the City of Sidney that the fields at Tawawa and Landrum are prohibited
from being used until May 16, 2020. What this means for:

WOU Select/Premier- No practices on these fields are permitted until May 16, 2020. Again, be mindful
we can receive another continuation of prohibited field use. Also, the two different leagues our select
teams are a part of (Buckeye and MVYSA) still have not cancelled the spring season. The Ohio Youth
South Soccer Association (OYSSA) will be meeting on April 1, 2020. Hopefully, OYSSA will provide some
guidance on what the future holds for the spring season. We are watching these developments closely.

Spring REC program- Will be cancelled due to the time constraints to get all of the games played and the
uncertainty if there will be another continuation of field use being prohibited. We are working on a
plan/process for those fees we have collected for the spring season.

Mayfest Tournament- Was originally scheduled for May 9 & 10. This cannot occur at the intended fields
at Tawawa Park. The Mayfest Committee will be discussing an alternate plan of action but nothing
definite has been decided at this time.
Most importantly, please be patient as we navigate this during this pandemic. I know tension can be
high in times of uncertainty and we are doing our best to address how COVID 19 impacts our

Thank you for your understanding. We will keep you informed as more developments occur.

Bridget Davis, SCYS President


We are located in beautiful Sidney, Ohio.


Tawawa Fields - Lodge Fields (TP)

12 Tawawa Drive, Sidney, OH, 45365

Landrum Soccer Complex

600 Riverside Dr, Sidney, OH, 45365


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